Hybrid Service

In order to make a concrete, innovative contribution to the new demands of the international business development, the “22nd Textech Bangladesh International Expo 2023” concurrently with the 42nd Dye+Chem Bangladesh International Expo 2023 and 20th Dhaka International Yarn & Fabric Show 2023 from 13 ~ 16 September 2023 at Bangabandhu Bangladesh–China Friendship Exhibition Center in Dhaka – Bangladesh; will also have Special Hybrid Service for Exhibitors.

CEMS-Global is offering all exhibiting companies a new, exclusive Hybrid stand management service

Easy and dynamic, the Hybrid Service is the perfect mix of physical and online presence.

Thanks to this ‘ready to go’ service, you will be able to coordinate your participation at a distance, supported by qualified personnel that will be physically present at the Show, on your behalf.

Hybrid Service includes: 

·         1 Professional Booth Attendant to support your activity 

·         1 PC/ Laptop with dedicated internet connection 

·         Transport of your sample collections and/or Display material from your location to the Exhibition, managed by CEMS-Global’s appointed official shipping agents (rates of shipping may vary depending on weight of samples): 

·         Attendant training 

·         Coordination of the service 

Please note the Hybrid service is inclusive in the Basic Booth price, but excludes sample shipping cost

How does the Hybrid Service work?

·         Exhibitor will dispatch the product samples, catalogs, display materials, etc using the Official shipping agent to our CEMS Bangladesh office. 

·         Every Sample should be marked with a code (as per the convenience of the exhibitor) which will be shipped to the exhibition. 

·         The copy of the same marked sample will be with the exhibitor with the same code as used in the sample which was shipped. 

·         The code is needed so that the samples can identified properly, and it will also ease the communication with the Buyer when he/she visits the exhibitor Hybrid Booth. The buyer can just refer to the sample code (in the booth) and the exhibitor who is present online can immediately identify the product with the code as the exhibitor is also having a copy of the same sample with him. 

·         The Booth will be decorated by CEMS-Bangladesh staff and a trained Attendant will attend to the Buyers. (The Exhibitor can train the Attendant 1 week before the Show) 

·         There will be a laptop in the Booth. The Exhibitors will be connected Online over a Video call and can directly speak with the Buyers visiting their Booth. 

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